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Show Photos - Dancin' - Photo: Julieta Cervantes

Get an Exclusive First Look at Bob Fosse’s Dancin’ at The Old Globe

April 27th, 2022 | By Lindsey Sullivan

Five, six, seven, eight! The Broadway-bound revival of Bob Fosse’s Dancin’, directed by Tony winner Wayne Cilento, who was featured in the original company, is playing at the the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego through May 29. has an exclusive first look. The ensemble of principal cast members includes Ioana Alfonso, Yeman Brown, Peter John Chursin, Dylis Croman, Tony d’Alelio, Jōvan Dansberry, Karli Dinardo, Jacob Guzman, Kolton Krouse, Mattie Love, Yani Marin, Nando Morland, Khori Michelle Petinaud, Ida Saki and Ron Todorowski. Ashley Blair Fitzgerald, Gabriel Hyman, Krystal Mackie and Michaeljon Slinge serve as understudies. Featuring an eclectic score that includes many musical genres, Dancin’ is Fosse’s tribute to the art of dance. Enjoy the exclusive shots below, and get ready for Bob Fosse’s Dancin’ to bow on Broadway!

Nando Morland, Khori Michelle Petinaud, Ron Todorwoski, Ioana Alfonso, Kolton Krouse, Mattie Love, Jovan Dansberry, Manuel Herrera and Ida Saki in Dancin’.
(Photo: Julieta Cervantes)


Jovan Dansberry in Dancin’.
(Photo: Julieta Cervantes)


Jacob Guzman, Ron Todorowski, Karli Dinardo and Peter Chursin in Dancin’.
(Photo: Julieta Cervantes)


Jacob Guzman in Dancin’.
(Photo: Julieta Cervantes)


Jacob Guzman and Mattie Love in Dancin’.
(Photo: Julieta Cervantes)


Dylis Croman, Yano Marin, Ioana Alfonso, Ida Saki, Mattie Love, KarliDinardo and Khori Michelle Pertinaud in Dancin’.
(Photo: Julieta Cervantes)


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